Monitoring Health and Nurturing Hearts

All-in-One Caregiving App

Introducing our all-encompassing Caregiving App, a complete solution prioritizing your loved ones' well-being. Track their location in real-time, monitor heart rate and device status for health updates and reliability assurance. It includes a range of safety features: inactivity tracking, fall detection, SOS button, and a walkie-talkie for seamless communication. Set routines reminders and access AI-powered medical consultations, ensuring comprehensive care and peace of mind.

Enchanced Caregiving Experience

Our caregiving app is designed with you in mind, offering a range of features to enhance your caregiving journey.

Stay Connected with Your Seniors

Empower yourself to stay connected and safeguard the well-being of your beloved seniors.

Story Behind Careific

Discover additional details about Careific's functionalities and its development process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices do I need to use Careific?

To use Careific, seniors require an Apple Watch and an iPhone, while caregivers can utilize the app solely on an iPhone. The minimum requirements include iOS 17.0 for iPhones and WatchOS 10.0 for Apple Watches.

How does Careific detect falls and abnormal heart rates?

Careific utilizes Apple's fall detection API and seamlessly connects with Apple Health to detect falls and monitor abnormal heart rates.

Can multiple caregivers be connected to the same senior's profile on Careific?

Yes, multiple caregivers can be connected to the same senior's profile on Careific.

How does the app facilitate instant communication during emergencies?

Careific utilizes a walkie-talkie feature that functions even when the device is locked, enabling immediate communication during emergencies.

Are there any specific privacy measures in place to protect the data collected by Careific?

Industry-standard security measures are implemented to protect your data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

What type of alerts does Careific provide, and how are they delivered?

Careific delivers alerts for falls, SOS, inactivity, location (if the senior is outside the house), watch charging, and abnormal heart rates.